Formación específica en programación

CET launches its first specific-training program

Chicas en Tecnología (CET) supports young women so that they learn about STEM disciplines and their growth and development possibilities in these areas. Aside from the programs that bring Latin American girls closer to the role of technology creators for the first time, the organization offers training proposals and opportunities for them to continue learning about the topics that interest them most. To support their development and allow them to participate in the industry, CET brings a new proposal: its first specific-training program for participants to expand their knowledge and begin to specialize.

This initiative consists in a course that combines the most used front-end programming languages in the professional field — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — with leadership and communicative skills. The training experience will last two months and combine online and face-to-face meetings. The girls will have access to the CET Campus, where they will find all the necessary resources to complete the coursework. In addition, they will participate in special activities with professionals of different disciplines linked to STEM areas to learn more about the professional world and the specialization possibilities. By the end of the program, they will have finished the development of their own website as part of a technology project with social impact.

Chicas en Tecnología encourages, trains, and supports young women to be the creators of the digital solutions used every day. They contribute new perspectives, identify current diverse issues, and can answer the needs of the communities where they live. Reducing the gender gap in technology will allow societies to grow in a more equal and dynamic way. Let’s have more and more young female technology creators.