A day to transform the present and future

Chicas en Tecnología is part of the “Bonus Day,” an international donation campaign, and invites everyone to participate so that more young women who identify as female in Latin America can access free and high-quality technology education. On Wednesday, July 12, GlobalGiving, the global crowdfunding platform focused on social organizations worldwide, will increase each donation over $100 made to Chicas en Tecnología by 15% to 50%.

Science and technology fields are where solutions to various social needs are developed. However, less than 20% of women hold leadership roles in these disciplines. The lack of diversity in decision-making leads to biases in the design of solutions, products, and services that become part of our daily lives. To transform this scenario, Chicas en Tecnología collaborates with the technology ecosystem and creates educational opportunities for teenagers and women in the region.

In the past year, 4,000 young women from 15 Latin American countries who participated in Chicas en Tecnología programs have created over 300 technological solutions to address issues in their communities. Join us so that there can be more and more girls in technology! Make your donation here.