An Ecosystem for Inclusion

Chicas en Tecnología arranged the eighth Meeting with the Ecosystem, an event designed to foster the exchange of ideas and actions that boost diversity and inclusion in the technology sector.

The Meeting with the Ecosystem gathered CET Ambassadors with leaders of the private and public sectors, the educational field, and civil society organizations.
The presentation was carried out by Florencia Larocca, an Ambassador, part of the CET Community, and graduate of the Training Journey programs, whose role today is to accompany the young women who are studying technology with a scholarship.

“I especially thank the Ambassadors present who are graduates of Chicas en Tecnología’s programs like me and are still a part of the organization through different initiatives that seek to strengthen the young women’s community,” said Florencia Larocca to start the meeting.

The CET Ambassadors joined a panel where they shared their experiences in Chicas en Tecnología, as well as their professional and technology training journeys.

“I came to CET looking for a community of women in technology. The programs are online, which allow us to stay in touch with girls from other countries and provinces who face different realities and issues, yet we work with them anyway,” Martina, CET Ambassador, said.

In the second Meeting with the Ecosystem of 2023, Paula Coto, Executive Director of Chicas en Tecnología, looked back on the year’s events and shared some projects and initiatives for 2024.

“We live in an increasingly complex world, where inequalities are deepened. Using technology as a tool to build our societies is a unique opportunity that allows us to get closer to sustainable development goals and to find solutions for a more equal world. However, to do so, it is crucial for the technological creation to involve the perspective of all people and, particularly, for the new generations to be the protagonists of coming changes,” Paula Coto, Executive Director of Chicas en Tecnología, said.

Chicas en Tecnología works along with a technological ecosystem to boost and strengthen the impact of the actions that seek to reduce the technology gender gap and create fairer and more inclusive societies where the young women of the region can be the protagonists in the development of innovative solutions to social issues.