More Young Women in the Region Took Their First Steps in the World of Technology

On Saturday, November 11, the Chicas Líderes en Tecnología event took place, an online free meeting for Latin American people who identify with the female gender from the age of 13 to 23.

The topic for this edition was Artificial Intelligence and its goal was to provide young women with resources to achieve a responsible technological app with the power to address their community issues and think about the potential uses and developments of these new technological tools. 

The meeting included panels and workshops conducted by different women leaders of the technology ecosystem. Representatives from ICBC, Salesforce, S&P Global Foundation, and PedidosYa took part in it. 

“The panels allowed them to meet women industry leaders who work daily with these technologies. Moreover, the workshops were a practical and interactive experience. From “Prompt Engineering” to “AI and Data” and “Recommended Algorithms” to “Drawing with AI,” the participants had the chance to delve into various aspects of Artificial Intelligence. These sessions were both educational and stimulating, as they encouraged girls to explore their creativity and develop practical skills in the exciting field of technology,” mentioned Carla Arias, Training and Development Leader at Chicas en Tecnología. 

Chicas Líderes en Tecnología is an inclusive event that is open to all the young women of the region and does not need prior knowledge. More than 100 teenagers from different countries all over Latin America were able to explore the possibilities offered by the technology field and to learn through the exchange with peers and women sector leaders.

In 2023, Chicas en Tecnología celebrates eight years dedicated to reducing the technology gender gap in Latin America. This commitment is reflected in our CET Journey, which has four stages: Motivation, Initial Training, Specific Training, and Future Development.
Chicas Líderes en Tecnología is an event designed to inspire young women in Latin America to take their first steps in the world of technology.