International Acknowledgment for Chicas en Tecnología

The organization is the winner in the Science Outreach category of the Inspiring & Innovating Science Awards 2020.

Chicas en Tecnología is the winning organization in the Inspiring & Innovating Science Awards 2020, given by Nature Research and Estée Lauder Companies. The acknowledgment obtained in the Science Outreach category seeks to highlight organizations around the world that work to encourage girls and young women to get involved in courses of studies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This year, there were only two categories to apply for, which created a greater challenge for the organizations.

After an exhaustive two-month process with several stages, along with 5 finalist organizations from South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, the United States and Italy, Chicas en Tecnología was the only representative from Latin America and, upon the final award, was highlighted for its quick and accessible responses to adapt proposals and create initiatives in the pandemic’s context.

In a suddenly transformed global scenario, the organization modified its action plan for 2020. It not only redesigned its programs and initiatives, but also created new proposals (both online and offline) to expand its outreach to young women throughout the region. The experience of the organization’s five years of work, in the midst of social and preventive isolation, has allowed it to create new opportunities. This has been done through continuous work together with educational and technological entrepreneurs to create a systemic and sustainable change, even in adverse contexts such as the current one in which the gender agenda shall redouble its efforts since women are the group most affected by the pandemic.

In order to continue with its mission to inspire young women in the region to study and get involved in STEM careers, Chicas en Tecnología -with its 100% remote team- launched new opportunities and quality, free and open to the public proposals. This has put young women in the region at the center of experiences to interact with the interdisciplinary universe of which technology is part and learn about their potential as creators of technological solutions with social impact. Young women from all over Argentina and other countries such as Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Colombia and the Dominican Republic participated in the new initiatives. One of the aspects highlighted by the participants is the regional perspective, as well as the possibility of accessing quality proposals in Spanish and through leaders of the ecosystem.

While the pandemic stressed the exponential growth that the technological field was already experiencing, it became evident that the gender gap in technology prevents women from being part of this globally empowered transformation. Facing these challenges, the acknowledgment granted by Nature Research and Estée Lauder Companies is an impetus to continue with the creation of new proposals, free and inclusive, that empower young women in the region and their communities. The award includes a financial incentive, as well as support, such as mentoring sessions for the winning organization to continue its work.