The power of technology in the hands of young women who want to make the world a better place

Chicas en Tecnología works to reduce the gender gap in technology and encourage young women across the country to be creators of technology solutions with social impact. Since 2015, girls participating in the organization’s programs and initiatives have been trained in skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, programming, computational thinking and user design, among others. In these five years, they have become part of #ComunidadCET. They choose their own training path and are role models for other girls and young women. 

In contexts such as this one, in which global circumstances force societies to change their routines, habits and manners of socialization, technology can play an essential role in creating a positive social impact. “From wherever you are, with your technology, change the world” is one of the mottos of Chicas en Tecnología and this is the time to demonstrate that, with everyone having access to technology, opportunities can be empowered. 

To encourage more people to join the creation of technology with social impact, Chicas en Tecnología, with its 100% remote team, launches new online opportunities and proposals and gives prominence to the voice of young women:

> #CETLive 

#EmbajadorasCET > From the girls to the world: learn about the experiences and advice of CET graduates on subjects such as distance education, remote work and the creation of apps to solve social problems.

#ComunidadCET > Cycle of interviews with mentors and leaders. 

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> Webinars

Cycle of free and open to the public webinars on different subjects. The first webinar will be “Technology with Social Impact.” 

We hope to see you at the first webinar on 3/26 at 5:00 p. m. (ARG), you can register here.

> Women in the spotlight 

Meet female professionals in science and technology who create solutions to social problems, lead work teams and research.

> #hubCET

We are creating a new free, open to the public and 100% online program on people-centered technology. To this end, we would like to know your opinion. Please complete this survey for you to receive all the information when we launch the program.

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