Meet our team

We have a diverse and interdisciplinary team of professionals in the field of technology, education, entrepreneurship, design, and communication who work as permanent, have consulting roles and/or perform volunteer work.

We have a dynamic structure that responds to the objectives proposed by the organization.

Paula Coto

Directora Ejecutiva

Carla Arias

Líder de Formación y Desarrollo

Julieta La Casa

Líder de Comunicación

Marianela Angarano

Líder de Desarrollo Institucional

Ángeles De Salvo

Líder de Equipo y Cultura

Daniela Chelquer

Especialista de Formación y Desarrollo

Paula Cohen Noguerol

Especialista de Comunicación

María Paz Ramis

Especialista de Cooperación Internacional

Lucía Martín

Referente de Procesos de Formación y Desarrollo

Agustina Duhau

Referente de Comunicación Digital

We carry out internal training activities and workshops

We create spaces for internal training and updating for our team and invite professionals from different areas. We also participate in events and workshops to continue enhancing the skills of our team